HIzlı Menü


Environmental Policy

As Üntes, we have adopted the principle of keeping the damage to nature, air, water, soil and every living creature at a minimum level as possible and we act in line with this principle.

We undertake that our company will control the solid / liquid / gaseous wastes that are or may be released to the nature during the production processes and will implement an effective ‘‘Environmental Management System – EMS’’ and will prove that it is an organization that respects the environment by fulfilling its local and national obligations regarding nature.

We further undertake that our company will do the necessary work to increase the awareness of its employees, suppliers and customers on environmental issues and will take the necessary measures and take the necessary steps for the efficient use of natural resources and energy.

  • We focus on continuous improvement..
  • We comply with legal and other requirements.
  • We manage resources efficiently.
  • We reduce emissions and minimize risks.
  • We offer eco friendly products.
  • We expect high standards from our business partners.