HIzlı Menü


Quality Policy

  • To act in accordance with our company mission and vision;
  • To follow the technological developments in heating, air conditioning, cooling and ventilation devices;
  • To continuously increase our market share in the global market by operating our products within the framework of minimum cost – maximum efficiency with our R&D studies;
  • To continuously improve the activity of this system by applying the requirements of the quality management system and increasing the knowledge, skills and competencies of the employees;
  • To provide products and services that fully respond to the changing needs of its customers over time by acting with a customer-oriented approach;
  • To use our resources effectively;
  • To create an effective internal communication and working environment in order to achieve our goals have been determined as our quality policy.

‘‘We hereby undertake to continue to carry out our activities in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.’’

Üntes A.Ş.