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UTFS ThermoFresh Series Heat Recovery Units

9 Different Sizes up to 5.500 m3/h Airflow Rate
Eurovent Certificated Cross-Flow Heat Recovery System up to 60% Thermal Efficiency
6 Staged Airflow Rate Control Powered by Highly Efficient Coupled AC Plug Fans or AC Centrifugal Fans with Low Sound Level


Minimum Energy Consumption Thanks to Advanced Automation Control System

Remote Access to Unit with Wi-Fi Technology
User Friendly Room Control Unit


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Technical Features
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Structure and Insulation: Corrosion resistant pre-painted galvanized sheet at the outer body. EPDM leak proof gaskets providing full air tightness at the connections of casing sheets. Tested and approved Class B fire-rated 10 mm thickness elastomeric rubber foam insulation with Low Thermal Conductivity and High Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance for thermal leak reduction.

Heat Exchanger: Aluminum cross-flow plate heat exchanger up to 60% efficiency.

Fan: Highly efficient AC plug fans with aerodynamic backward curved blades or AC centrifugal fan with forward curved blade in order to guarantee low sound level.

Filter: High air quality thanks to ISO Coarse ≥ %40 (G2) up to ISO ePM10 ≥ %50 (F7)filter classes. Long-life filters with 25 mm thickness.

Drain: Double inclined electrostatic powder painted condensate drain pan, that is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal.

Maintenance: Easy maintenance and access for fans, filters and heat recovery unit with the help of a compact design that enables easy disassembly and services doors.

Power Supply and Control: Plug-and-play unit due to factory fitted controller able to communicate with Building Management System (BMS) via Modbus RTU communication protocol.

• Remote access to unit with Wi-Fi technology and unit control by mobile
•Medium filters or coarse metal filters at fresh air side. Coarse metal filter at
exhaust air side.
• Low or high capacity electrical pre-heater.
• Low or medium capacity electrical post-heater or 3-stage high capacity
electrical post-heater.
• Hot/chilled water coils compatible with district heating/cooling applications.
• Different capacity alternatives for direct expansion coils.
• Air quality control with duct type CO2 sensor.
• Air quality preservation with filter clogging control.
• Proportional or on/off heating/cooling capacity control with 2-way or 3-way valve sets.
• IP67 electrical panel.
• Fire detection with smoke detector or digital input for external fire alarm.
• Bypass damper controlled by ON/OFF actuator.
• Fresh and/or exhaust air damper controlled by ON/OFF actuator.
• Advanced automation system for complex applications (MAXI Controller).
• Supply or return air temperature control.
• 24 VAC Transformer
• Return Air Humidity Sensor
• Relay Card