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Performance Test Laboratory Research Center

“Advanced Performance Testing Of Central Air Conditioning Elements

Performance Testing and Measurement Benefits
Performance Testing Laboratories and Research Centers constitute one of the most basic elements of process management in air conditioning system manufacturing.

The main benefits of testing and measurement are to increase the productions success continuously, measure and improve the product performance and ability, provide know how the system will behave in unexpected situations.

Performance Testing for Air Conditioning Systems
Performance testing guide describes the benefits and the process of testing key central air conditioning elements as water chillers and fan coil units and integrating their operation into the complete chilled water system. These elements are the integral component of a chilled water system which also includes water distribution systems as well as various temperature, pressure and flow sensors.

This module highlights key functional testing issues for water chillers and fan coil units including system integration with the other air conditioning elements beside measuring the level of safety, see the interlocks and alarms, validation of capacity, the transition success at staging, overtake for reset control and be sure about control accuracy and stability.”