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UTFB ThermoFresh Heat Recovery Units

9 Different Sizes up to 5.500 m3/h Airflow Rate
High Efficiency Aluminum Cross-Flow Plate Heat Exchanger
Minimum Thermal Leak


6 Staged Airflow Rate Control
Highly Efficient Coupled AC Plug Fans or AC Centrifugal Fans
Low Sound Level


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Technical Features
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Structure and Insulation: Corrosion resistant pre-painted galvanized sheet at the outer panel. EPDM leak proof gaskets providing full air tightness at the connections of casing sheets. 6 mm thickness elastomeric rubber foam insulation with Low Thermal Conductivity and High Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance for thermal leak reduction.
Heat Exchanger: Aluminum cross-flow plate heat exchanger.
Fan: Highly efficient AC plug fans with aerodynamic backward curved blades and AC centrifugal fan with forward curved blade in order to guarantee low sound level.
Filter: High air quality thanks to ISO Coarse ≥ %40 (G2) up to ISO ePM1 ≥ %50 (F7) filter classes. Long-life filters with 25 mm thickness.
Drain: Double inclined electrostatic powder painted condensate drain pan, that is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal and fully covered by insulation material.
Maintenance: Easy maintenance and access for fans, filters and heat recovery unit with the help of a compact design that enables easy disassembly and services doors.
Power Supply and Control: Plug-and-play unit due to factory fitted controller able to communicate with Building Management System (BMS) via Modbus RTU communication protocol.

• Remote access to unit with Wi-Fi technology and unit control by mobile application.
• Medium or coarse metal filters at supply air side. Coarse metal filter at exhaust air side.
• Air quality control with duct type CO2 sensor.
• Air quality preservation with filter clogging control.
• Fire detection with smoke detector or digital input for external fire alarm.
• Advanced automation system for complex applications (MAXI Controller).
• Supply or return air temperature control.
• 24 VAC Transformer
• Return Air Humidity Sensor

Modular Options
• Low or high capacity electrical pre-heater.
• Low or medium capacity electrical post-heater or 3-stage high capacity electrical post-heater.
• Fresh and/or exhaust air damper controlled by ON/OFF actuator.