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NIBE Group

“NIBE is a global group that develops and manufactures smart and energy efficient indoor comfort solutions for all types of properties. These tremendous features of NIBE allow our customers to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. NIBE also offers components and solutions for intelligent heating and control for industry and infrastructure. Since it started production at Markaryd in Småland, Sweden nearly 75 years ago, NIBE has grown into a global group with an average of 18.000 employees and a strong global presence. Since its establishment, the company has been driven by a strong entrepreneurial culture and a passion for responsible business operation. Their success is based on their long-term investments in sustainable product development and their strategic purchases.

The company has three different lines of business: NIBE Climate Solutions, NIBE Element and NIBE Stoves. NIBE Climate Solutions produces and offers smart and energy efficient indoor comfort solutions for all types of properties. NIBE Element produces components and solutions for sophisticated smart heating and temperature control for industry and infrastructure. NIBE Stoves manufactures stoves with energy efficiency options.

NIBE has been producing and delivering sophisticated, energy efficient and sustainable climate solutions for your home for nearly 75 years. In order to offer effective solutions, we combine renewable energy with new smart technology, and we think that together we can create a more sustainable future.

Whether it’s a cool winter day or a sunny and warm afternoon on the hottest days of summer… we need a balanced indoor climate that allows us to have a comfortable day, whatever the weather outside. With our wide product range, you can meet both the cooling and heating, ventilation and hot water needs of your home in the most efficient and high-quality way and thus, minimize your negative impact on nature and create and enjoy a perfect indoor climate in your home.”