HIzlı Menü


Curio Collection by Hilton The BO Vue Hotel Preferred Üntes.

The BO Vue Hotel Bodrum, which is expected to be among the most popular hotels in Bodrum, is preparing to serve the upper class with its Curio Collection by Hilton quality in silver.

The BO Vue Hotel, which has a charming beach of 150 meters, has 85 rooms with a capacity of 180 beds, all with sea views.

Prepared to provide a unique experience to its customers with world-class spa services and world-class cuisines, the prestigious project used its ventilation preference in favor of Üntes.

Within the scope of the project, Üntes took its place with Eurovent certified Air Conditioning Plants, Pool Dehumidification Units and Roof Type Aspirators in the air flow range of 4.000-20.000 m3/h.