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Galatasaray Türk Telekom Arena-Turkey

Project Description
ÜNTES, the leading company of Turkey, was chosen for the air conditioning systems of Galatasaray Türk Telekom Arena.

Scope of the Project
Air Handling Units
The installation of 35 high energy efficient air handling units and 45 pedestal aspirators were successfully completed by ÜNTES. The air flow rate of the units used has reached 555,000 m3/s.

Fan Coil Systems & Heat Recovery Units
A total of 550 heat recovery and fan coil units used in this project were manufactured in the factory of ÜNTES located in Ankara Kazan. Before all fan coil units were presented to the customer, performance tests were carried out at the ÜNTES Fan Coil Performance Test and Research Centre.

PK-50 Series Air Handling Units

UNFC Series Fan Coil Units