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Memorial Ankara Hospital

The preference of MEMORIAL Ankara Hospital (which serves as the health base of the territory with its diagnosis and treatment units with the most advanced medical technology in Turkey, its modern architecture and a brand-new understanding of health) for both hygienic and thermal comfort systems was ÜNTES Hygienic and Comfort Air Conditioning Systems.

A World Hospital that Combines Science and Technology
Memorial Ankara Hospital, which provides services to its clients in a closed area of 42.000 m2, serves as the health base in the territory with its departments that stand out as a reference centre in the world, its diagnosis-treatment units with the most advanced medical technology in Turkey, its modern architecture and a brand-new health understanding; plus, it stands out with its advanced technological infrastructure.

With its 230 Bed capacity (60 of which are in intensive care units), MR and CT Rooms prepared by recruiting ‘‘Ambience Technology’’ for imaging procedures of patients, World-Class Coronary Intensive Care, General Intensive Care, KVC Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Digital Coronary Angio Room, Angio Service, 11 Fully Equipped Operating Rooms and 63 Polyclinics, Memorial Ankara is designed as a world hospital.

Thanks to the feature of adjusting the light colour according to the kind of the surgery and thanks to the feature of not releasing heat, the LED Lamps that are used in the operating rooms, which meet international standards and which host brand new sterilization techniques, offer great comfort to the surgeon and the patient.

Scope of the Project
Air conditioning of hygienic areas within the project is provided by 21 units of 100% Fresh Air Hygienic Air Handling Units with ‘‘run around’’ heat recovery modules. PK50 Series Air Handling Units housing 19 Plug-Fan Rotor Enthalpic Heat Recovery Modules were used in general areas and patient rooms.

754 URFC Series Fan Coils with 4 pipes, which are manufactured according to the results of the tests carried out in the thermodynamic test laboratories at ÜNTES facilities located in Ankara, and which are capable of heating and cooling at the same time, are successfully installed.

Moreover, 2 Air-Cooled, Class A (EER: 3.11) Rhoss Chillers with a total cooling capacity of 3,2 MW are installed under the umbrella of the project to meet the cooling needs of the entire building.

UYFC Series Fan Coils

Fan Coil Testing Laboratory

RHOSS ‘‘Z POWER’’ Screw Chillers – The Best in Their Class
Thanks to its High Efficiency, Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor, R134A Gas, the highest capacity in its class and its being in A Energy Efficiency Class, it is a completely eco friendly product.

Despite their compact structures, Chillers, which are in the most efficient product group due to their unique design, are tested in RHOSS EUROVENT Laboratories owned by only a few manufacturers in Europe and in RHOSS EUROVENT Laboratories where said Chillers are produced.

Z Power Series Chillers, which is one of the product series with the lowest noise level in Europe thanks to used acoustic composite fans, became the most preferred series of chillers in Turkey in 2013.

Z Power Series Chillers