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Üntes, the First Choice of Plazas, is Now in Çukurambar Kale Ofis

Kale Ofis, where every detail is considered, from parking areas to floor gardens, from cafes-restaurants to social areas, is located in Çukurambar, the heart of Ankara, where business centres are developing the fastest.

With a building height of 107 meters, Kale Office consists of 126 offices, 14 stores, floor gardens, cafe-restaurants, social areas and a parking lot with a capacity of 800 cars, with surface areas ranging from 62 to 469 square meters.

Üntes meets the air-conditioning needs of the project through 3 Eurovent certified Fullpower Chillers, which can operate at full performance even at 50°C external temperature and can control proportional capacity and which have a cooling capacity of 760 kW, and Eurovent certified Fan Coil Units that always offer a comfortable environment to the users thanks to their low-noise operation feature.