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EasyPACK Series 60-150 kW

Special Energy Efficient Solutions for Commercial Building

Multi-Purpose 2 Piped + Heat Recovery (RC 100) Option
Built-in Master/Slave Device Control
Production of 65ºC Hot Water


Eurovent Certified Outstanding Performance
High Energy Efficiency and Comfort in All Seasons
Wide and Smart Options


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Compressor: Hermetic scroll compressor with thermal protection and crankcase heater.
High efficiency at partial capacities through 4 capacity controls.
Evaporator: Stainless steel plate evaporator which is equipped with differential pressure switch, built-in anti-freezing heater and polyurethane insulation.
Condenser: with copper pipe/aluminium fin.
Fan: Axial fan with built-in thermal protection and protective grill.
Control: Microprocessor control with the feature of Adaptive Function Plus.
Structure: Powder polyester painted galvanized steel structure.


•Circuit disconnecting switches of fan and compressor.
•High and low pressure gauge.
•Master/slave control up to parallel connected 4 units.


B -Standard version, only cooling (TCAEBY).
T - High efficiency version, only cooling (TCAETY) – heat pump unit (THAETY).
S - Silenced version, only cooling (TCAESY) – heat pump unit (THAESY).
Q - Super silenced version, only cooling (TCAEQY) – heat pump unit(THAEQY).


• Shell & tube evaporator.
• Single or double pump. 1 main and 1 backup applications in double pump options.
• Standard and high pressure versions of pumps are optional.
• Tank and Pump Unit: Accumulation tank up to 230-240 litres depending on the model, with expansion tank, manual air relief valve, safety valve and water side pressure gauge. Low or high pressure versions of those pumps are available.
• Pump control with variable flow (VPF: Variable Primary Flow).
• Partial heat recovery option (Desuperheater).
• Full (100%) heat recovery option.
• FI-10 kit: operation at -10 C outdoor air temperature (Condensation control) (standard for S versions).
• FI-15 kit: operation at -15 C outdoor air temperature (Condensation control) (through fans with EC motor).
• Condensation control through over pressure fans (only for B and T versions).
• Power factor correction capacitor (Cosɸ>0,94).
• Forced power consumption limit.
• Forced noise limit.
• Energy parameters measurement device.
• Energy efficiency optimization.
• Soft starter.
• Acoustical insulation.
• Acoustical insulator for the compressor.
• Suction and compression valves of cooling circuit.
• Refrigerant leakage detector.
• High and low pressure gauges for the refrigerant circuit.
• Double safety valves.
• Metal filters or coil protection grills.
• Coils with copper pipe/coated aluminium fin or copper pipe/copper fin.
• Minimum/maximum power supply control.
• Digital input for double set point.
• Set point shift (4-20 mA analogue signal).
• Evaporator anti-freezing heater, electrical panel, accumulation tank and electric and heat exchangers for heat recovery.
• Accumulation tank heater option.
• Water production in low temperatures.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Rubber anti-vibration mouths.


• Remote controller with display.
• Thermostat with display.
• Control devices for monitoring and remote management of the device.
• Sequencer for integrated management of multiple chillers.