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ECO-SER Series Rooftop Units

High Performance with Eurovent Certificated

10 Different Models, up to 48300 m3/h Airflow Rate

Continuous 100% Fresh Air Operation

Eco-Friendly R-454B Refrigerant That Has a Lower GWP

Highly Efficient EC Plug Fans with Low Sound Level


Design Compliant with ERP 2021 Regulation

Thermodynamic Heat Recovery

Control System that Prioritizes Continuous High Efficiency

Optional R410A Refrigerant

Thermic and Enthalpic Controlled Free Cooling Alternatives

User Friendly Room Control Unit


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Technical Features
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Structure and Panel: Harsh environment resistant furnace powder painted galvanized sheet with 19 mm thick isolation for thermal leak reduction and soundproofing.
Filter: High air quality thanks to ISO Coarse≥40% (G2) up to ISO ePM1≥80% (F9).
Refrigerant Control: Electronic expansion valve as a standard in units with reversible cooling system.
Compressor: Scroll compressors featuring Intermediate Discharge Valve (IDV) technology with uneven tandem or trio connection.
Heating: Heat pump/ Gas burner/ Hot water/ Electrical heating.
Heating/Cooling Coil: Copper pipe aluminum fins with various coating options
Fan: Highly efficient EC plug fans with aerodynamic backward curved blades in order to guarantee low sound level. Airfoil, Sickle-shaped Aluminum blades with serrated trailing edge powered by thermally protected TEAO motors.
Pressure: Medium/ High Pressure Gauge
Energy Saving: Free-Cooling option (Thermic/ Enthalpy Free-Cooling)
Power Supply and Control: Plug-and-play unit due to factory fitted controller
Monitor/ Management: BMS management as a standard that can communicate with Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP/IP protocol.


• Safety relief valve.
• Indoor and outdoor coil/fin coating options.
• Low/medium/high capacity electrical heater.
• Electrical pre-heater.
• Hot water coil.
• Proportional heating control with 2/3-way valve set.
• Outdoor coil protection grill.
• Room display unit.
• Room temperature/humidity/air quality sensor options.
• duct type air quality sensor.
• Pre filter/filter clogging alarm.
• First and second stage panel filter options.
• Smoke detector.
• Fire alarm digital input.
• Supply or exhaust fan constant airflow
• Manuel or proportıonal control fresh air damper.
• Free cooling by enthalpy control.
• IP55 electrical panel.
• Dehumidification control feature.
• Supply air temperature control.
• 4.3”/ 7” touchscreen hmi control panel.
• Proportionally controlled return air by-pass damper at hru.
• Filter options for the heat recovery unit.
• Fresh air on/off damper(hru).
• Electronic expansion valve (only cooling).
• Full fresh application.
• Compressor soft starter.

• Plate heat recovery unit module.
• Bag filter module.
• Low/High capacity direct fired gas burner module.
• Exhaust EC plug fan module.