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Fan Coil Units

Eurovent Certified Series

EC Motor with Low Sound Level
Precise Temperature Control
Compliance with Eco-Design Requirements
Advanced Control and Electronic Regulation


High Performance, Wide and Versatile Range
Ideal Temperature and Indoor Air Quality for All Seasons
Advanced Control and Electronic Control Options
Low Energy Consumption and High Comfort
Outstanding Reliability and High Quality


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Technical Features
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•Produced from high zinc ratio corrosion resistant galvanized sheet and painted cabinet sheet (for cabinet types) with different color options.
•High energy efficient and silent radial fans (230V-1ph-50Hz).
•Easy access for service and cleaning due to mesh filters.
•Specially designed waterproof terminal box are used for electrical connections.
•Coils are produced from high efficient, seamless copper pipe and aluminum fins.
Each coil is installed in factory after test at 20 bar pressure.
•Special drip pan is used underneath the coil that prevents air leak and allows the transfer of condensed water into the drain pan.
•Drain pan is enameled with high protection specification and self-insulated.
•Additional drip pan, made up of ABS material, are used in order to prevent dripping at the coil and valve connection.(for ceiling types).



GTT-Ceiling Concealed Type, rear inlet and front supply.
GTA-Ceiling Concealed Type, bottom inlet and front supply.
KTP-Cabinet ceiling type, bottom inlet and front supply.
KTT-Cabinet ceiling type, rear inlet and front supply.
KDT-Cabinet floor type, bottom inlet and top supply (Feets are optional).
KYT-Cabinet floor type, front inlet and top supply.
GDT-Floor type without cabinet, bottom inlet and top supply.



2A: 2-Pipe Up to 60 Pa (GTT, GTA).
4A: 4-Pipe Up to 60 Pa (GTT, GTA).
2E: 2-Pipe EC motor (GTT, GTA).
4E: 4-Pipe EC motor (GTT, GTA).
2C: 2-Pipe (KTP, KTT, KDT, KYT, GDT).
4C: 4-Pipe (KTP, KTT, KDT, KYT, GDT).
2E: 2-Pipe with EC motor (KTP, KTT, KDT, KYT, GDT).
4E: 4-Pipe with EC motor (KTP, KTT, KDT, KYT, GDT).


• Additional heating coil for 4-pipe systems.
• 2-way valves and actuators (supplied loose).
• 3-way valves and actuators (supplied loose).
• Room thermostat.
• Digital room thermostat.
• Electrical heater for 2-pipe systems.