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Laminar Air Flow Units

The Laminar Flow Units for Operation Rooms
Reducing Anesthectic Gas Concentration
Adjusting The Needs of Air Related to Microorganism Concentration
Easy Access to Hepa Filters
ISO5 (Class 100 US FEDERAL STD 209D) Compatibility


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Üntes laminar ceiling systems are equipment designed for all operating rooms and clean room systems where laminar flow in the supply air is required. Laminar ceilings are produced for volumes that demand extra-low amounts of microorganisms and particles.

• Reducing anesthectic gas concentration.
• Adjusting the needs of air related to microorganism concentration.
• ISO5 (Class 100 US FEDERAL STD 209D) compatibility.
• Laminator panels that could be easily mounted/demounted and disinfected.
• Easy access to hepa filters.
• Aerosol sampling probe for filter leakage test.
• Test ducts for filter housing and filter seal leakage test.
• H-13 Class according to DIN EN 1822 standard.
• Seal leakage test according to DIN 1946/4 and DIN 25414 Standard during the manufacture process.
• The casing: 304 Stainless Steel sheet is used as a structural material to ensure resistance against abrasive impacts of disinfectants.
• Allowing no room for contamination as the surface ledges and indents are minimised.