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PHK Series Package Hygenic Air Handling Unit

Monoblock Compact and Hygienic Air Processing
Air flow up to 11.000 m3/h
Hygiene Criteria Tests are Performed at TUV Laboratories in Compliance with DIN 1946/4
CE Approved by Third Parties and PED, LVD and EMC Compliant

Wide and Versatile Product Range


Fully Microprocessor Controlled Air Handling Units
Optimal Energy Efficiency, Air Quality and Comfort
Eco-Friendly R410A Refrigerant
Integrated Electronic/Thermal Regulation
Special Energy Efficiency Solutions for All Hygienic Environments


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Production Quality: Casing strength, air tightness, filter by-pass rate, thermal transmittance, thermal bridging and casing acoustical insulation comply with EN1886 standard.
Structure and Panel: Self supporting frame and double sheet sandwich panels.
Profile: Aluminium alloy (almgsi0.5).
Sheet Metal Material: 304 grade stainless steel.
Panel Thickness: 50mm.
Air Tightness: Epdm leak proof gaskets are used in order to provide full air tightness on the panel surfaces.
Thermal and Acoustic Insulation: Rockwool.
Heating / Cooling Coil: Copper pipe aluminium fin / copper pipe copper fin, epoxy coated coil.
Fan: Forward / Backward curved and fan / Aerofoil Fan / Plug fan / EC motor fan.
Humidification: Sterile steam.
Heat Recovery: Run around.
Compressor: Scroll hermetic compressor with thermal protection.
User Panel: Programmable touch-screen.
Capacity /Thermal Control: Proportional heating capacity control / Cooling capacity control thanks to hot gas by pass technology.
Power and Regulation: Installed power and electric regulation board.
Monitoring / Management: BMS management.