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WinPACK HE-A Series 90-345 kW

Air Cooled Chillers with Axial Fan & Heat Pumps
Hermetic Scroll Compressors
Eco-Friendly R410A Refrigerant Gas
Integrated Adjustable Cooling Technology


Available up to ESEER 4.32
High Energy Efficiency & Comfort in All Seasons
Wide and Smart Options
Special Energy Efficient Solutions for Commercial Building


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Compressor: Hermetic scroll compressor that is equipped with thermal protection and crankcase heater.
4, 5 or 6 capacity stages which have a high energy efficiency at partial loads.
Water Side Heat Exchangers: It is completed with close cell stainless steel plates with polyurethane foam insulation and water flow differential pressure switch.
Air Side Heat Exchanger: Micro channels or finned coil that is developed with copper pipes and aluminium fins depending on the models and dimensions.
Fan: Axial fans with external rotor which is equipped with built-in thermal protection and protective grills.
Control: Electronic control with microprocessor which operates with Adaptive Function Plus.
Structure: Made of galvanized steel sheet, painted with polyester powders.


•Thermal overload switches for compressor and fan.
•Low and high pressure gauges for each refrigerant circuit.
•Electronic expansion valve.
•Clock board that displays the date/time.


T - High performance version with a large coil area (TCAETY – THAETY).
Q - Super silenced version with a soundproof compressor compartment and super low speed fans and large coil surface (TCAEQY – THAEQY).


• Shell and tube evaporator.
• Single or double electrical PUMP which contains an automatic pump that can be operated in standby mode. Low or high pressure versions of those pumps are available.
• Structural storage tank with a capacity of 300-700 litres, with added expansion tank, air relief valves, safety valve and water side pressure gauge, and TANK & PUMP with either single or double pump.
• Variable flow pump management.
• Superheated steam cooler.
• Full (100%) heat recovery.
• Electronic expansion valve.
• -10°C condensation control.
• -15°C Condensation control, where fans with EC motor are located (standard for Q version).
• Condensation through over pressure fans.
• Load factor correction capacitors (cosφ > 0.91).
• Forced power usage limit.
• Forced noise prevention.
• Energy parameters measurement device.
• Optimized energy efficiency.
• Soft starting device.
• Compressor box with acoustical insulation.
• Acoustical covers for the compressor.
• Refrigerant leakage detector.
• Low and high pressure gauges for each refrigerant circuit.
• Metal filters or coil protecting grills.
• Copper/copper or copper/pre painted aluminium coils.
• Digital input for double set point.
• 4-20 mA analogue input for variable set point.
• Evaporator anti-freezing resistance, buffer tank, pumps and heat exchanger for heat recovery, if applicable.
• Buffer tank integrating heaters.
• Production of low temperature water.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Anti-vibration supports.


• Remote keyboard with display.
• Thermostat with display.
• Üntes Supervisors for unit monitoring and remote management.
• Üntes Sequencer for integrated management of multiple chillers.