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We produced our own energy also in 2020

Leading the sector with its eco-friendly production technologies and energy efficient products, Üntes has been producing its own energy for about 3 years through the solar power plant that it commissioned after completing its investment in June 2018. The system, which was installed on the roof of the production facility located in Ankara Kazan, consists of a total of 3000 panels and has an installed power of 810 kWp. Considering the annual electricity production values of the facility, it stands out with its capacity to save an average of 7,000 trees and prevent 370 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Üntes, which managed to meet 90% of its consumption from environmental energy sources with the 461,780 kWh electricity it produced in 2020, has produced a total of 1222 MWh electrical energy with the solar power plant so far, and this, prevented the release of approximately 757 tons of CO2 to the nature. Therefore, Üntes Kazan factory not only increases its production capacity, but also strengthens its eco friendly position by producing its own energy.