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We started the production of our FullPOWER VFD Series Inverter Compressor A-Class High Energy Efficiency Devices in Turkey.

In accordance with the principle of superior quality and service it has adopted, Üntes continues to offer air-cooled chillers with high quality standards that will fulfil the needs of our age with optimum energy efficiency.
The new generation air-cooled chillers that are designed to be used in the cooling of large spaces such as industrial facilities, hospitals, shopping malls and residences, offer energy-efficient special solutions to their users with their linear capacity control feature and wide options.

Eurovent Certified High Performance
New generation air-cooled chillers of Üntes, which have received the Eurovent certification, approving the performance ratings of air conditioning and cooling products according to European and international standards, are offered to customers with their outstanding performance.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant R134a
Eco friendly and highly efficient R134A refrigerant is used in the new generation chillers produced by Üntes, which, as a company, never compromises on its environmental consciousness, with semi-hermetic and screw compressors.

The Difference of Üntes in Sound Level
FullPOWER Series Chillers have silenced models with their compressor jackets and also super silenced models with their low-speed condenser fans.

More Energy Efficient than the Previous Generation
In the new series, which is designed in compliance with the Eco-Design directive and environmentally-conscious, efficiency has been increased by up to 11%, while the area covered by the device has been reduced by up to 17%.

Technical Features
• Wide Capacity Range
• Air Side Heat Exchanger with Micro-Channel Structure
• Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor with High Efficiency and Linear Capacity Control
• Electronic Expansion Valve
• Galvanized and Painted Corrosion Resistant Steel Plate
• Electronic Control with Micro-processor
• A-Energy Class, Super Quiet and Inverter Compressor Model Options
• Wide Range of Accessories

Performance Testing Laboratory and Research Centres constitute one of the most basic elements of process management, especially in air conditioning system manufacturing. The key benefits of testing and measurement include continually increasing production success, measuring and improving product performance and capability, and knowing how the system will respond in unexpected situations.

Üntes Chiller & Heat Pump Performance Test Laboratory and Research Centre enables its customers and business partners to eliminate all possible risks during the commissioning, to find out in advance what the unit performance will be like under real operating conditions, and to analyse the limits of the unit under harsh operating conditions. Thanks to the tests performed in the Research Centre, the operating performance of the units can be measured comprehensively and the error management functions are optimized before the installation.
The test centre offers large-scale mechanical, electrical and electronic testing and measurement parameters. Only the units with a chiller, heat pump and heat recovery are tested with internationally calibrated measuring instruments pursuant to EN 14511-2011 standards and with high precision tolerance.

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