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ÜNTES Products were Preferred in Uniq Shopping Mall and Uniq Hall

Uniq Istanbul is a new generation culture, art and life centre located in Maslak, Istanbul. In addition to shopping opportunities, it offers its visitors an environment that constantly refreshes itself and brings together culture-art, entertainment and the business world.

In the project, which is a TURKMALL investment, it is possible to organize many activities such as concerts, theatrical plays, musicals, exhibitions, congresses, training, meetings, seminars, shopping, eating and drinking.
Eco friendly and sustainable products were used in the Uniq Istanbul Project, which is given a LEED Certificate. As a result of trust built at the end of many years with TURKMALL, Üntes products are used in Uniq AVM, which is built on a 15000 m² living space consisting of shops, food-beverage shops and UNIQ Hall that has the capacity to host 5.800 people (audience capacity) simultaneously and that is the next centre of Yedi Sanat (Seven Arts).

100 Üntes Hidden Ceiling Type Fan-Coils and 22 Üntes Heat Recovery Air Handling Units are used for the ventilation of the project, where in addition to energy efficiency, comfort is also aimed in all seasons.

While energy efficiency was being aimed through high-efficiency rotor-equipped heat recovery devices by the AVM (Shopping Mall) in the Complex, by-pass damper-equipped plate heat recovery devices, which have the ability to freecool during transitional seasons, were preferred to be used by Uniq Hall. Thus, operating costs were minimized in the structure, which needed to be cooled during almost the entire season. In addition, thanks to unstable airflow technology, a system that can meet the immediate needs of each environment is created. In this way, the desired comfort conditions are provided most suitably under all conditions. In addition, energy efficiency is achieved since a system, which works in parallel with the needs, is established.

In the environments, where third-generation Üntes Fan Coils are used, users experienced quiet comfort. The new generation Üntes Fan Coil devices produced in three different pressure classes are presented to the customer as an efficient, quiet and reliable solution that can meet the needs of all kinds of environments. As a result of the successful work of Üntes Research and Development (R&D) engineers, Cfd and strength analyses are carried out during the design phase of the developed products, and a durable product family with the best performance is achieved. Products that are completed after the conduct of tests in the R&D laboratory, which was established in line with the ‘‘Ensure that you take full advantage of each kW’’ principle of Üntes, serve their users in the field in a superior way.