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Üntes Products Were Used at Medipol University Kavacık Campus

The construction of Medipol University Kavacık Campus is completed and the doors of a whole new world are made available for the students.

There are 10 Faculties, 4 Schools of Higher Education and 1 Preparatory Language School such as the International Medical Faculty and the Faculty of Law on the campus that is adjacent to the Beykoz Forests. The campus, where Education began in the academic year of 2012 and 2013, has now transformed into a full-fledged educational base as a result of its ongoing construction.

Besides education and instruction classrooms, there are tennis and basketball courts, student dormitories, a shopping mall, cafes and restaurants, conference halls, cultural and artistic structures, research laboratories and a university hospital on the campus.

In this comprehensive project, in which all kinds of details were planned after being considered thoroughly, 44 automated Üntes Air Handling Units, 25 Üntes Cell Aspirators and 28 Üntes Vam Devices were used. All air handling units used in the project are package automated and they are presented in the form of mounted handling units under the roof of Mcc and Dcc panel devices. High-efficiency EC fans are used in the air handling units. Thanks to the savings in electricity consumption with EC fans, users are given a great advantage in terms of operation. The need for 100% fresh air is met thanks to high-efficiency heat recovery devices used in some environments.

Medipol Education and Health Group Mechanical Coordinator Murat Kutlu stated that Üntes will be the most suitable partner for them in line with the data they have, and it is also important to convey the vast experience of Üntes in choosing the most optimum systems in such a detailed project; he also expressed his satisfaction with Üntes officials, who were always standing by them throughout the whole process.