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Maximum Energy Efficiency and Minimum Sound with EC Motor Fancoil Units.

Our EC Motor Fancoil Units stand out thanks to their unique and aesthetic design, silence, easy assembly and space-saving size. Eurovent Certified EC Fancoil units offer maximum energy efficiency and minimum sound, therefore creating a comfortable space.

  • Maximum Energy Efficiency, Minimum Sound
  • Eurovent Approved High Performance
  • Fully Compliant with the Current Eco-Design Criteria

Low Energy Consumption

EC Motor Fancoil Units consume up to 75% less electricity, especially at mid and low speed. Thus they reduce operational costs significantly in projects using more units. Üntes EC Motor Fancoil Units are environment-friendly thanks to their low electric consumption and efficient design.

Precise Temperature Control

EC Motor Fancoil Units can control the room temperature more precisely when used with thermostats with proportional and automatic control features. Thus, creating a more comfortable ambient for users.

Low Sounds

Aside from consuming less electricity and being high performance, one of EC Motor Fancoil Units’ unique features is running thanks to their brushless motor design silently. Having no brushes means the impeller spins over a magnetic field without any friction, reducing the sound caused by the motor.

Eurovent Certified High Performance

During manufacture, EC Motor Fancoil Units go through extensive tests at Üntes laboratories in accordance with the quality standards. The EC Motor Fancoil Units are also approved and certified by Eurovent.


Our EC Motor Fancoil Units reduce operational costs significantly thanks to their energy-efficient design and low energy consumption feature, and they can pay off the initial investment costs in 3 to 4 years.