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NIBE F2120 Series Air to Water Heat Pumps

With the NIBE F2120 series of air-to-water heat pumps, consumers are offered the next step of the current level of innovation. These heat pumps provide optimum condensation and frost control while extracting record levels of free energy from the air. With a SCOP greater than 5.0, it provides a new breakthrough in the performance of air-to-water heat pumps. This extraordinary high efficiency means that an investment in a heat pump will pay for itself in a very short time. With the F2120 series, which is designed to withstand cold winter conditions, it is possible to obtain 65 oC hot water without the need for any additional heater. Even at -25 oC outside temperatures, it has enough power to produce 63 oC hot water without the need for any additional heater. And what is more, while doing all this, it only produces a sound pressure of 39 dB(A), which is only slightly higher than a whisper at a distance of 2 meters.

NİBE F2120 

Offering you the cutting-edge technology, the F2120 series allows you to step into the next future. For instance, the heat pump is equipped with the ability to automatically switch to ‘‘holiday mode’’ when you enter the word ‘‘holiday’’ in the google calendar. Similarly, in case an error alarm is produced due to a malfunction in the product, it can automatically send a notification to the service technician. With the NIBE Uplink application, which was launched in 2012, you are enabled to do all these and more via your computer or mobile phone.

This product, which can be easily adapted to existing electrical, natural gas or solar energy systems, can meet all the heating, domestic hot water and cooling needs of a house on its own. Its inverter technology also enables you to conserve nature by allowing you to consume according to your needs. Via NIBE Uplink you are enabled to control the comfort of your home wherever you are.

Together with the VVM series indoor unit or the SMO 20 control module, it is possible to create a highly efficient climate for your home. VVM indoor units combine control system, boiler, electric booster heater and circulation pump in its compact structure. In order to meet high-capacity requirements, up to 8 F2120 heat pumps can be operated as cascade with the SMO 40 control module.

Eviniz için en uygun olanını seçelim;

F2120 VVM 310   VVM 320 / 325 VVM 500
İhtiyaç Kapasite 14 kW’a kadar  10 kW’a kadar 22 kW’a kadar
Dahili Elektrikli Isıtıcı 12 kW  9 kW 9 kW
Kullanım Sıcak Suyu Hacmi 250 lt  240 lt 350 lt
F2120 SMO 20 SMO 40
Kontrol Edilebilen Isı Pompası Sayısı 1 adet 8 adet’e kadar
Harici Isıtma 3 kademeli elektrikli ısıtıcı 3 kademeli elektrikli ısıtıcı veya boiler
Sirkülasyon Pompası İki tip mevcuttur İki tip mevcuttur