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New Product from Üntes

Following our FullPOWER VFD Series Inverter Compressor Chillers, Z-FLOW HE series water cooled condenser water chillers also added to the product range of ÜNTES.
In addition to the air cooled condenser products, which we continue to produce successfully in ÜNTES Ankara Production facilities, water cooled and screw-compressor products will also be produced from now on.
Water cooled products, the first shipments of which have been made recently, are among our products offered to buyers with their large capacity and functional features;

Our units, which are equipped with Shell&Tube high efficiency evaporator and condenser units with counter flow, having screw compressors with step or proportional capacity control alternatives designed to work with 1 to 3 high efficiency and eco friendly R134 A refrigerants in the cooling capacity range starting from 200 kW and going up to 1,650 kW, are offered to our customers with high efficiency and soundproof alternatives.

ÜNTES water cooled condenser water chillers are also produced in accordance with our philosophy of ‘‘ENSURE THAT YOU TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF EACH kW!’’ as in other series and in parallel with this purpose, the test laboratories in ÜNTES production facilities have been arranged to include new series products.
ÜNTES will continue to strive to increase its production diversity, as it has done so far.