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Y-Pack C-PF Series 33-160kW

Class A Unit Which Provides Perfect Energy Efficiency
“Plug-Fan” Type Centrifugal Fans with EC Motor
3 Staged Capacity
ESEER up to 6.02


Eurovent Certified Outstanding Performance
High Energy Efficiency And Comfort In All Seasons
Wide And Smart Options
Increased Outdoor Air Operating Limits
Special Energy Efficient Solutions For Commercial Building


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Technical Features
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Compressor: Hermetic scroll compressor which is equipped with built-in thermal protection and crankcase heater. Depending on the models, 2 or 3 capacity stages that allow excellent load modulation with high energy efficiency at partial loads.
Water Side Heat Exchangers: It is completed with close cell stainless steel plates with polyurethane. foam insulation and water flow differential pressure switch.
Air Side Heat Exchanger: finned coil developed with copper pipes and aluminium fins.
Centrifugal Fans with Socket, Electric Fans with EC Motor: It is equipped with built-in thermal. protection and placed in a single row with horizontal flow. Horizontal condensation/evaporation flow in comparison with finned coil or vertical flow that can be easily transported on-site. Proportional electronic device for continuous adjustment of the rotational speed of the fan up to a temperature lower than -15°C, when it is operated as cooler. Operation limit up to 40°C when it is operated as the heat pump.
Control: Electronic control with microprocessor which operates with Adaptive Function Plus
Load Bearing Structure and Panels: It is made of galvanized and RAL 9018 painted steel sheet, with a galvanized steel sheet base.


T - High efficiency version (TCCETY-THCETY).


• It is equipped with single or double electrical pump, which contains an automatic pump that can be operated in standby mode, expansion tank, safety valve and water side pressure gauge. Low or high pressure versions of those pumps are available.
• Structural buffer tank with added expansion tank, air relief valves, safety valve and water side pressure gauge, and TANK & PUMP with either single or double pump.
• Superheated steam cooler.
• Full (100%) heat recovery.
• Power factor correction capacitors (cosφ > 0.91).
• Soft starting device.
• Soundproof compressor.
• High and low pressure gauge for the refrigerant circuit.
• Copper/copper or copper/pre-painted aluminium coils.
• Digital input for double set point.
• 4-20mA analogue input for variable set point.
• Evaporator anti-freezing heater, buffer tank, pumps and heat exchangers for the heat recovery, if applicable.
• Interfaces for serial communication with other devices.
• Anti-vibration supports.


•Remote controller with display.
•Control devices for monitoring and remote management of the device.
•Sequencer for integrated management of multiple chillers.